featured5 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!

Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!

Gambling is pretty great in itself. Being able to visit other countries in order to experience their gaming offers is pretty special too. When you do go to other places, it is important to stay in line with their cultural rules.


Don’t: Tip

11 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!

One thing that you should learn before you offend any feelings is that you do not tip in Macau. This stems from the Chinese practice of only billing what is owed by the customer—not anything more. Although there are hotels that do practice tipping because of their international staff, it is generally not practiced.


Don’t: Speak Loudly

12 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!

Locals are generally soft spoken and shy of foreigners. It is considered to be highly rude if you talk quite loud out in public. Even when you are calling the attention of staff at a restaurant or an establishment, it is often affronting to the locals if you do it quite brashly.


Do: Follow the Dress Code

13 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!
Most, if not all, of the casinos and gaming establishments in Macau have strict dress codes. If you want to be let into most polite establishments, we suggest that you find out before hand what their dress code is and dress accordingly.


Don’t: Tap Your Bowl with Chopsticks

14 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!
Of course if you are going to travel somewhere, it is important to know etiquette when it comes to meals. While there are western eating utensils available, chopsticks are still the preferred utensils. So when you happen to be in a place where eating with chopsticks is the norm, make sure that you take steps to understand what should and should not be done. Always remember that food is served in a revolving manner, if you are offered food, you should try it. If you have any allergies, do let your host know beforehand so they will know what not to serve you.


Don’t: Maintain Eye Contact for Prolonged Periods of Time during Greetings

15 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!
Chinese individuals often lower their eyes as a sign of respect. If you are presently greeting someone, avoid keeping long eye contact as this is perceived to be rude. The last thing you would want is to offend the wrong type of person.


Food For Thought

Macau is under Chinese law and they are pretty strict with their laws. As such, it is important that you avoid any mishaps that may cause any misunderstandings that can mar the experience. Take to heart the information we have curated for you and you will not have to worry about anything that would rob you of having a good time.

featured4 - Online Gambling Guide: How to Spot Good Websites

Online Gambling Guide: How to Spot Good Websites

Gambling online is a great way to unlock new gambling experiences. When you gamble online, it is important to check if the site you go to is actually legitimate. When our technology evolved and gave birth to the digital platform, it was inevitable that crooks and criminals would step up their game. As such, it is crucial that you know how to tell apart the good sites from the bad ones.


Good Sites Are Professionally Made

Legitimate websites will spare no expense into making their platforms user friendly as possible. Legit websites will be made by teams of actual web developers that will always be on-hand to standby for any issues that are reported by patrons. If the site you are looking has a lot of missing information or half made pages, you should be wary.


Good Sites Have Working Contact Details

Legitimate websites will always list down their contact information. However, there will be sites that put in contact information just for the sake of having them. In order to make sure that the gambling site you use is legitimate has working contact details. Before you sign up, make sure that you can actually reach the emails or phone numbers that they listed. After all, if you cannot reach them from the start, how sure are you that you can reach them when you actually need them?


Good Sites Have a Lot of Positive Feedback

If you do an engine search of the name of the site you’re using, you must be able to read feedback about it. In the age of the internet, everyone is all too willing to share their opinions. As such, you can always find information from forums and articles. It would be important to be discerning of where you read the glowing feedback. If the information you read seems highly manufactured, best to not trust it.


Food For Thought

While online gambling is completely convenient, it is still important to never let your guard down. It is highly important that you make sure that the website you choose to use is above board. We have heard a lot of people who honestly thought the website they has signed on with was legit until it was time to play or pull out funds. We would hate for that to happen to you.

As such, take a good hard look at the site that you are presently signed on with for online gambling. Is everything legitimate?

info2 - Online Gambling Guide: How to Spot Good Websites
Infographic source: betbubbles.com
featured3 - Hum That Tune! Four Songs That Are Actually About Gambling

Hum That Tune! Four Songs That Are Actually About Gambling

Gambling has managed to integrate itself into various arts and entertainment. Not only is gambling represented through movies but they have captured the imaginations of various singers and bands through the years. With gambling being a regular part of our culture, it is certainly not surprising that there would be a LOT of songs that are inspired and written about gambling.

We’ve rounded up a few songs that heavily feature the hobby of gambling.


The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

Always trust country music to bring about some of the most iconic songs about gambling. When you listen to the song it tells the tale of a gambler telling his son how to play poker. Knowing when to hold, fold, walk away, and run are all pretty useful pieces of advice that anyone can use when gambling. What is great is the fact that these tips can also be applied to everyday life. If you are a fan of the TV series Supernatural, you will automatically think of Bobby Singer when you hear this bittersweet tune.


Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts – Bob Dylan

One of the classics by the incredible Bob Dylan, this song makes use of gambling as a metaphor for the highly complicated story that it carries. The nearly nine minute song transports the listeners to a word where gambling, crime, and jealousy are the name of the game.


Desperado – The Eagles

It seems that if there was anything to support the claim that poker is the most played card game in the world, the songs written about it would be proof enough. This little ditty sang by the legendary group The Eagles is all about poker references and tongue-in-cheek correlations to other things in life. Who ever said that gambling cannot teach you good lessons needs to listen to this song!


Good Run of Bad Luck – Clint Black

A song from 1994, this country hit talks about all the potential hazards of letting your tender feelings lead when you “gamble”. The talented Mr. Black makes use of gambler jargon to use as the tools to tell his tale—which invariably ends up as a love story. This song makes a feature at the gambling themed movie Maverick.


Food For Thought

Songs about gambling often carry lessons in them. As you may know, singers and other artists often utilize their personal experiences to make songs that just speak to their listeners. Just like the songs that we have listed above, the artists made use of gambling to convey other messages that anyone may be able to relate to in their daily lives.

Which song about gambling do you like the most among the ones we’ve listed above?

featured2 - Taking Suitable Care: How You Can Gamble Smart From the Start

Taking Suitable Care: How You Can Gamble Smart From the Start

It is true that there are millions of individuals that meet unfortunate incidents while gambling. However, if you take the time to arm yourself with proper knowledge, you can gamble smart right from the start. These tips are ones that we have carefully curated over the years of our own personal experiences.


Set a Budget Solely For Gambling

When you start out, it can be easy to use whatever money you have access to. This, however, is the start of a big mistake. When you decide that you are going to gamble, it is important that you set aside a budget dedicated for it. That way there is a shield between your gambling money and the rest of your money that is supposed to go to monthly responsibilities.


Start with Games of Luck

Gambling is a combination of luck and skill. When you do not have much of the skill yet, it would be good to start out with games of luck. These are the slot machines, roulette tables, and even to an extent, the lottery.


Invest in the Hobby

When you are planning to make gambling as something that you do on a fairly regular basis, it would be good to invest in it. By invest, we mean put in more time and effort rather than money. Study up on the different sort of ways that you can improve your chances of winning. Better yet, learn about the ways that you can lessen the odds of you getting scammed out of your hard earned money.


Food For Thought

Staying on the responsible side of things is always the best way to approach anything that has risk. This applies to more than just gambling. Many of us have had our own negative experiences and how we dearly wished that we knew these tips when we all started out.

Moving forward, we all hope that these tips all find you in good health. Staying responsible is key to unlocking better experiences and sustainable gambling.


info1 - Taking Suitable Care: How You Can Gamble Smart From the Start
Infographic by: casinouk.com
featured1 - Starting With the Basics: What Exactly Is Gambling Anyway?

Starting With the Basics: What Exactly Is Gambling Anyway?

Just saying the word “gambling” is enough to illicit a myriad of responses from people. While some would be positive, an overwhelming amount is usually negative. Why is that exactly?


Gambling as an Activity

1 - Starting With the Basics: What Exactly Is Gambling Anyway?

By the truest definition of the word, gambling is all about putting something that you value (usually money or pride) on the line without an assurance of getting the result that you want in the end. It is, in the strictest definition, a risk. Gambling, as an activity, has been spotted throughout history. Many of the early civilizations had gambling as part of its culture.

If you have heard of the gladiators of Old Rome, that was a form of gambling! Gladiator owners all pit their fighters against each other, putting something on the line and the winning gladiator to establish the outcome.

In more recent years, gambling is seen more like a vice which leads millions to ruin—at least, that is what every pearl clutching aunt will tell you. However, it takes a gambler to really tell you what gambling is all about.


Gambling as Something Positive

2 - Starting With the Basics: What Exactly Is Gambling Anyway?

Gambling is the gateway to certain experiences that a lot of people do not get to undergo. While it is something that you can earn from, this is not the sole reason why people gamble. It is the entirety of it. The sights, sounds, friends that you meet along the way, the thrill, and uncertainty! We admit that it is not for everyone but this does not mean that you should not give it a try.


Food For Thought

Despite the age that gambling has, it is still met with a variety of factions. There are those that simply believe that gambling is something that we are all better off without. There are those that are now willing and able to look past the old beliefs—to see the actual positives that this brings to more than just our own interests. With this article we have reflected our understanding and approach toward gambling.

Now is our turn to ask: what do you think gambling is exactly?