featured3 - Hum That Tune! Four Songs That Are Actually About Gambling

Hum That Tune! Four Songs That Are Actually About Gambling

Gambling has managed to integrate itself into various arts and entertainment. Not only is gambling represented through movies but they have captured the imaginations of various singers and bands through the years. With gambling being a regular part of our culture, it is certainly not surprising that there would be a LOT of songs that are inspired and written about gambling.

We’ve rounded up a few songs that heavily feature the hobby of gambling.


The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

Always trust country music to bring about some of the most iconic songs about gambling. When you listen to the song it tells the tale of a gambler telling his son how to play poker. Knowing when to hold, fold, walk away, and run are all pretty useful pieces of advice that anyone can use when gambling. What is great is the fact that these tips can also be applied to everyday life. If you are a fan of the TV series Supernatural, you will automatically think of Bobby Singer when you hear this bittersweet tune.


Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts – Bob Dylan

One of the classics by the incredible Bob Dylan, this song makes use of gambling as a metaphor for the highly complicated story that it carries. The nearly nine minute song transports the listeners to a word where gambling, crime, and jealousy are the name of the game.


Desperado – The Eagles

It seems that if there was anything to support the claim that poker is the most played card game in the world, the songs written about it would be proof enough. This little ditty sang by the legendary group The Eagles is all about poker references and tongue-in-cheek correlations to other things in life. Who ever said that gambling cannot teach you good lessons needs to listen to this song!


Good Run of Bad Luck – Clint Black

A song from 1994, this country hit talks about all the potential hazards of letting your tender feelings lead when you “gamble”. The talented Mr. Black makes use of gambler jargon to use as the tools to tell his tale—which invariably ends up as a love story. This song makes a feature at the gambling themed movie Maverick.


Food For Thought

Songs about gambling often carry lessons in them. As you may know, singers and other artists often utilize their personal experiences to make songs that just speak to their listeners. Just like the songs that we have listed above, the artists made use of gambling to convey other messages that anyone may be able to relate to in their daily lives.

Which song about gambling do you like the most among the ones we’ve listed above?

featured2 - Taking Suitable Care: How You Can Gamble Smart From the Start

Taking Suitable Care: How You Can Gamble Smart From the Start

It is true that there are millions of individuals that meet unfortunate incidents while gambling. However, if you take the time to arm yourself with proper knowledge, you can gamble smart right from the start. These tips are ones that we have carefully curated over the years of our own personal experiences.


Set a Budget Solely For Gambling

When you start out, it can be easy to use whatever money you have access to. This, however, is the start of a big mistake. When you decide that you are going to gamble, it is important that you set aside a budget dedicated for it. That way there is a shield between your gambling money and the rest of your money that is supposed to go to monthly responsibilities.


Start with Games of Luck

Gambling is a combination of luck and skill. When you do not have much of the skill yet, it would be good to start out with games of luck. These are the slot machines, roulette tables, and even to an extent, the lottery.


Invest in the Hobby

When you are planning to make gambling as something that you do on a fairly regular basis, it would be good to invest in it. By invest, we mean put in more time and effort rather than money. Study up on the different sort of ways that you can improve your chances of winning. Better yet, learn about the ways that you can lessen the odds of you getting scammed out of your hard earned money.


Food For Thought

Staying on the responsible side of things is always the best way to approach anything that has risk. This applies to more than just gambling. Many of us have had our own negative experiences and how we dearly wished that we knew these tips when we all started out.

Moving forward, we all hope that these tips all find you in good health. Staying responsible is key to unlocking better experiences and sustainable gambling.


info1 - Taking Suitable Care: How You Can Gamble Smart From the Start
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