featured9 - What Went Wrong: EA’s Loot Box as Gambling Debacle

What Went Wrong: EA’s Loot Box as Gambling Debacle

Pretty much every gamer who loved Star Wars was definitely looking forward to the release of Star Wars: Battlefront II. That was, until everyone realized the massive black hole of funds it was turning out to be. It was around November 2017 that the game was finally released and everyone who lined up to buy the game was highly excited to try out being Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.


What Happened?

What everyone got was a game that was designed to pretty much keep the players spending in order to progress with the story. Players were all introduced to the idea of having to purchase loot boxes in order to have the chance to obtain certain characters or items. While this does not sound so bad if you are Electronic Arts, the whole world clearly thought otherwise.

Like we pointed out before, gambling is defined as putting up something of value for the chance to get something of value in return. As many legal bodies would come to agree, EA’s loot box platform does qualify as gambling. Some may be able to argue that microtransactions have been a part of other games especially in mobile platforms. What a lot of people forget is that there is a critical difference between microtransactions in mobile games and EA’s attempt.

31 - What Went Wrong: EA’s Loot Box as Gambling Debacle
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Difference between Microtransactions for Mobile Games and EA

Mobile games will let you know exactly what you will be getting with their microtransactions. What EA did with Star Wars: Battlefront II was to give people no control over what they were getting when they purchase a loot box.

Of course EA does not think that their loot boxes should be considered as gambling. However, they do accept the fact that there was such tremendous backlash on their pay to win system. After several other games that did not exactly meet player expectations, it just seemed that most consumers simply had enough with EA’s antics.


Food For Thought

The very idea that even certain aspects of video games are now being labeled as gambling is, of course, worrying to a lot of individuals—particularly those who are parents. While we think that EA’s decision to put in a pay to win is pretty reprehensible. As for the loot box debacle, the definition of gambling does fit the loot box that Star Wars: Battlefront II.

In our opinion, game developers and large companies like EA really need to stop with the whole incomplete games (Downloadable Content) and paying more in a game that you already purchased as a whole.

featured7 - How to Successfully Gamble with Your Friends and Not Make Enemies?

How to Successfully Gamble with Your Friends and Not Make Enemies?

For a lot of those who gamble, it is pretty much an established desire to play with friends. However, as money is on the line, tempers might run a bit on the high side. So how do you gamble with or against friends and not make enemies of them?

Game night with friends can become a pretty special tradition. Everyone has to deal with a lot of stress in their daily lives and having a fairly regular get together to decompress and have a bit of fun is important. When people gamble with friends, the atmosphere is naturally a lot different than those in casinos. It should ideally be more relaxed and informal.

That being said, when people get too comfortable some bad habit naturally slip out. This is out of the belief that friends will be naturally more tolerant and forgiving. Whenever money is involved, this is another story altogether. In order to avoid sticky situations when gambling with friends, you can try some of our own tried and tested techniques:


Keep the bets and antes to only a specific maximum

When everyone is in agreement that maximum antes per hand or round should only be a friendly amount (like $10 to around $50), no one really has to worry about losing a large amount of money. That way, everyone can simply enjoy the evening. This is something that many of us adhere to in our own personal game nights with close friends.

As gamblers, we all know that antes can stack up pretty high. However, having a set maximum should keep a nice cap at the level that one may lose.


Try avoiding the use of money altogether

One of our writers regularly hosts a game night for her friends at her home. She solved the issue of money causing friction by using colorful chips without any actual monetary value. She and her guests feel more relaxed and get to place the focus on enjoying the game and each other’s company rather than keeping a sharp eye on their earnings and losses.

Food For Thought

At the very heart of it, gambling is a social activity. At the very core of us, human are very social creatures. It only makes pure sense to combine the two—especially when it involves people that you like and trust. When you play with friends, it is natural that you would still want to win. In the end, you need to ask yourself what is more important: winning or your friends.

featured5 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!

Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!

Gambling is pretty great in itself. Being able to visit other countries in order to experience their gaming offers is pretty special too. When you do go to other places, it is important to stay in line with their cultural rules.


Don’t: Tip

11 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!

One thing that you should learn before you offend any feelings is that you do not tip in Macau. This stems from the Chinese practice of only billing what is owed by the customer—not anything more. Although there are hotels that do practice tipping because of their international staff, it is generally not practiced.


Don’t: Speak Loudly

12 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!

Locals are generally soft spoken and shy of foreigners. It is considered to be highly rude if you talk quite loud out in public. Even when you are calling the attention of staff at a restaurant or an establishment, it is often affronting to the locals if you do it quite brashly.


Do: Follow the Dress Code

13 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!
Most, if not all, of the casinos and gaming establishments in Macau have strict dress codes. If you want to be let into most polite establishments, we suggest that you find out before hand what their dress code is and dress accordingly.


Don’t: Tap Your Bowl with Chopsticks

14 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!
Of course if you are going to travel somewhere, it is important to know etiquette when it comes to meals. While there are western eating utensils available, chopsticks are still the preferred utensils. So when you happen to be in a place where eating with chopsticks is the norm, make sure that you take steps to understand what should and should not be done. Always remember that food is served in a revolving manner, if you are offered food, you should try it. If you have any allergies, do let your host know beforehand so they will know what not to serve you.


Don’t: Maintain Eye Contact for Prolonged Periods of Time during Greetings

15 - Going to Macau for Gambling? Remember these Cultural Rules!
Chinese individuals often lower their eyes as a sign of respect. If you are presently greeting someone, avoid keeping long eye contact as this is perceived to be rude. The last thing you would want is to offend the wrong type of person.


Food For Thought

Macau is under Chinese law and they are pretty strict with their laws. As such, it is important that you avoid any mishaps that may cause any misunderstandings that can mar the experience. Take to heart the information we have curated for you and you will not have to worry about anything that would rob you of having a good time.