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Welcome to German Notes!

We are highly excited to share our information with you. Do not let the name fool you; we go beyond the scope of the German language or nationality. If there was anything that you needed to know about us is the fact that we love the topic of gambling! Everything little bit about it—all the shiny and shadowy parts of it.

Gambling has never been an easy topic to write about. There have been far too many horror stories about it and those are all quite serious. This is why the writers behind this website have decided to take a more active stance. We want to flip the script regarding how people perceive gambling and gamblers in general.

We aim to promote and boost a more positive approach to this old hobby. We invite our readers to peek through our many different articles about gambling. We will continue to produce topnotch articles that aim to inform, aid, and guide fellow gamblers toward a better and more grounded understanding of gambling. If there is anything in particular that you would like for us to discuss, do let us know.

You may reach us all through our contact page.